The BLUE_BOOST project is launching a transnational Call for Expressions of Interest (Call for EoI) of Knowledge Providers (hereinafter BLUE-BOOST KPs EoI) in all the ADRION eligible territories in order to develop a database with all possible relevant knowledge/technology providers to be chosen by the vouchers applicants (Blue sectors MSMEs/STARTUPs of involved territories). The KPs EoI will remain open until the end of the project (the project will be closed by October 2019 with the possibility of extending such deadline to April 2020) and the final database is put at disposal of any private/public organization, even from outside ADRION area, requesting for a membership to the B_B Network, which will give them the opportunity to access this treasure of thematic knowledge on Blue Economy and Blue Growth together with the contacts of other stakeholders in the field.

This database - published on the BLUE_BOOST Networking Platform – represents, indeed, the primary stakeholders to be invited to join the BLUE_BOOST transnational networking strategy and community.

What are the MSMEs looking for?

Knowledge Providers are called to overcome the INNOVATION CHALLEGES raised from the local workshop with the MSMEs of the involved territories, here summarized INNOVATION CHALLENGES


  • Solutions for maintaining an unaltered level of freshness of the product
  • Solutions for the diversification of the aquaculture product
  • Solutions for coordinating of harvesting periods in order to address market needs and demand
  • Smart solutions for accessing satellite data
  • Sustainable smart solutions/devices (multiparametric probes) for monitoring of phytoplankton, oxygen in waters, chlorophyll, currents and temperature
  • Solutions for the business management of micro-enterprises in the aquaculture industry
  • Solutions for the management of fish/shellfish stocks and sales
  • Solutions for the training of human resources in the shellfish farming sector
  • Solutions for the sustainable management of hydrographical network

      • Solutions for supporting the fishermen in the cleaning, transformation, storage, packaging of fish products before the wholesale/retail sale
      • Solutions for the direct sale the MSME’s fishery product
      • Solutions for maintaining an unaltered level of freshness of the product
      • Sustainable/smart solutions, devices techniques or materials for processing the seafood towards a ready-to-eat product
      • Solutions for reducing maintenance costs for sonar networks
      • Solutions for reducing the use of plastics and polystyrene in the fishery tools/increasing of anti-pollution solutions and tools
      • Smart solutions for accessing and processing satellite data
      • Cheap/smart solutions/devices (multiparametric probes) for monitoring of phytoplankton, oxygen in waters, chlorophyll, currents and temperature
      • Solutions for the business analysis and management of micro-enterprises in the fishery industry
      • Solution for the reinforcement of data coverage in the open sea and development of devices and solutions for providing timely weather information to sea vessels
      • Solutions for reporting to the coast guard of incidents that may occur in the surveillance area, indicating the problem and GPS coordinates

          • Solutions for guiding people partially sighted and blind to bathhouses
          • Solutions for supporting people partially sighted and blind at restaurants
          • Solutions for supporting the safe and independent living, indoor and outdoor, of people partially sighted and blind in coastal areas
          • Solutions for environmental education (i.e. marine species recognition, habitat localization etc.)
          • Solutions for supporting and valorising blue economy within sustainable/cultural/slow tourism products
          • Solutions for valorising tourism off-seasons
          • Solutions for upgrading hotels facilities as local tourism hubs
          • Solutions for connecting coastal tourism facilities with inland tourism offer
          • Solutions for reporting incidents automatically indicating the problem, the GPS coordinates and the references of the people involved

              • Solution for smart training to raise awareness of the preservation of the sea and coast
              • Smart solution for oil-spill Emergency/cleanout kits
              • Solutions for skimming of water
              • Solutions for increasing coordination of anti-pollution activities
              • Solutions for the management of solid waste collected at sea
              • Solution to favour the collaboration among yachtsmen and owners of marinas
              • Solutions for recycling of discarded fishing nets used for mussel culture
              • Solution for adapting the “sea bin” for collecting the “sea walnut”
                • SHIPBUILDING

                  • Solutions for wood gluing systems replacing epoxy resins also in view of promoting recycling of dismissed wooden boats
                  • Solutions for reducing environmental impact of paints alternative protection solutions (films) for outdoor and anti-fouling
                  • Research on recyclable construction materials to remedy the problem of fibreglass craft disposal including from other industrial sectors)
                  • Solutions for fibreglass recycling
                  • Solution for using of robotics on fishing boats
                  • Solutions for reducing the risk of crew injury on fishing boats through innovative technologies
                  • Solutions for a “market for the disassembly and disposal of boats”, and the related supply chain
                  • Solution for a distribution network for boats powered by natural gas
                  • Solution for engines powered by natural gas to limit the loss of power and on electrical engines
                  • Solution for a specialized vehicle for anti-pollution interventions in shallow waters and along the coastline
                    • MARITIME TRANSPORT

                      • Solution favouring the standardization of procedures for short- sea shipping in small ports
                      • Solution for decrease the environmental impact of boat for the short-sea passenger transport in coastal and lagoon areas/inland waters/protected zones